Mountain Business Center LLC is based in beautiful and historic Jackson Hole, and we are the reliable and legitimate choice for your registered agent needs.

Our Wyoming registered agent service is only $100 per year.



If you choose Mountain Business Center LLC:

  • Your information is kept confidential unless we are served with a subpoena
  • It is easy to get a Mountain Business Center LLC employee on the phone seven days a week to ask any questions you might have
  • We follow the rules in the state of Wyoming
  • Mountain Business Center LLC also offers many other convenient Wyoming corporate services for your business, like organizing Wyoming LLCs and filing for Wyoming corporations
  • Our only office is really located in the state of Wyoming and we are not trying to hide our owners’ names or actual office address
 Mountain Business Center LLC’s Office

Mountain Business Center LLC’s office in downtown Jackson Hole, Wyoming

The Wyoming Secretary of State’s office allows LLCs and corporations to be filed online.

  • The easiest way to have a new Wyoming LLC or corporation is to allow Mountain Business Center LLC to complete all of the forms on your behalf.
  • We can act as both the “organizer” of the LLC and the “Wyoming Registered Agent”. As a result, most people discover that they do NOT need to pay for “nominee” service for their Wyoming LLC since the the owner or director’s name is not required on the articles of organization.
  • We can handle your Wyoming incorporation needs when you provide information on your class and shares of stock.
  • You only need to give us the name of your new company, the address you want to use for your filing, and to sign a confidential registered agent contract, as required by the state of Wyoming.

This will cost you $202 total.

 Wyoming Registered Agent

The Town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Fee Schedule

A new Wyoming company (LLC or corporation): 
∙ $102 for the Wyoming Secretary of State filing fee
∙ $100 for our annual Wyoming Registered Agent fee
= $202 TOTAL for a new Wyoming LLC or Corporation (using your own addresses)
Make sure you email Mountain Business Center LLC your confidential Registered Agent Contract in addition to signing up!

If your out of state business needs a Certificate of Authority to legally do business in the state of Wyoming, the only additional fee is our $100 paper work fee, plus the cost of your certified Certificate of Good Standing from your home state which has been stamped within 30 days (+/-$25).

Mountain Business Center LLC in the News:

Switching to our registered agent service is easy

All we need is $100 and this required confidential Registered Agent contract and forms. We will facilitate the switch with the state of Wyoming and designate Mountain Business Center LLC as your new agent.

Mountain Business Center LLC Wants To Be YOUR Wyoming Registered Agent!

There is a big difference between us and our competitors. Mountain Business Center LLC occupies over 3,000 sq. feet of beautiful, modern, actual office space located right here in Jackson Hole, while many of our competitors live in other states or operate out of mail box stores. Our offices and conference rooms are available on an hourly, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis to accommodate your needs in one of the most beautiful places in the world, and as a result, our customers visit here from all over the world to conduct business (and we go visit them!).

You will soon discover how reliable Mountain Business Center LLC is when you hire us to act as your registered agent. Our customers appreciate the fact that they can easily find our modern building when they are in town so they can stop by and meet with us. We never forget to file our annual report or pay our commercial registered agent fee. If you hire Mountain Business Center LLC to act as your Wyoming Registered Agent, what you are essentially getting is Mountain Business Center LLC employees acting as your agent. We actually live and work in this beautiful state of Wyoming.

The majority of our business comes from our current customers referring their friends because of the great job we’ve done for them. We would love to also be your new Wyoming Registered Agent!

A Few Differences in Having a Wyoming LLC versus a Wyoming Corporation:

∙ The owners of a Wyoming LLC can remain off public record as long as the paper work is completed by an “organizer” and someone else files the annual report each year. Obviously, your Wyoming Registered Agent plus the bank and IRS will know who you are. Your name will NOT appear on public records in Wyoming.
∙ Wyoming Corporations have one year to list one officer or director, their title, and address.

Most people discover that they do not need a nominee for an LLC since none of their personal information would be listed publicly in the first place. If you are setting up a Wyoming corporation, please be aware of anyone who would pretend that they are an officer of your company when they are not.

Our Wyoming Registered Agent service is $100 per year.

Wyoming Registered Agent Service Jackson Hole

Feel free to call us with any questions!

All we need is $100 per year and all you’ll get is great service.

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Wyoming Registered Agent Office in Wyoming

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We also offer Wyoming Virtual Offices and other Wyoming corporate services.

Mountain Business Center LLC offers more than just Registered Agent Service in Wyoming!

Mountain Business Center LLC can manage the required documentation to register your new business in Wyoming, process/ forward/ scan your mail, forward your phone calls, and help you obtain an EIN for your business. Many companies claim to be a “Wyoming Registered Agent” when they are actually located in another state. Mountain Business Center LLC wants to do everything we can to help you run your business from Wyoming. We look forward to doing business with you!

Mountain Business Center LLC has over 3,000 sq feet of beautiful, modern, actual office space located right here in Jackson Hole. Our offices and conference rooms are available on an hourly, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis to accommodate your needs.

We are here to help you 7 days a week! Please give us a call or email us for more info!

Form A New Wyoming Company

Form A New Wyoming Company

Form A New Wyoming Company

Wyoming Virtual Office

A Wyoming address and real, local phone number with automatic call forwarding. Includes mail scanning/forwarding.

Jackson Hole Conference Rentals

Jackson Hole Conference Rentals

Jackson Hole Conference Rentals and Video Conferencing

Wyoming Business Services for Non-US Citizens

Wyoming Business Services for Non-US Citizens

Wyoming Business Services for Non-US Citizens

FREE Wyoming Operating Agreement or Wyoming Bylaws

Free Wyoming Operating Agreement

Click here for a free Wyoming Operating Agreement or Corporate Bylaws Template

Required Forms

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Helpful Information For Americans Living Abroad

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And now for our disclaimer: The information and forms provided by Mountain Business Center do not constitute legal or tax advice. The information and forms provided on this website are provided “as is” and without any assurance that the information is correct, complete or current or that the forms are appropriate for your uses. The facts and circumstances of each business person or company may be unique and the clients and customers of Mountain Business Center are encouraged to seek legal or tax advice if they have questions of a legal or tax nature. Registered Agent Wyoming



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