Free Wyoming Operating Agreement

Wyoming Operating Agreement and Wyoming ByLaws:

Free Wyoming Operating Agreement

We offer a free Wyoming operating agreement and bylaws template!

Why we offer a free Wyoming Operating Agreement and Wyoming Bylaws Template because many of our customers discover that they need a set when they try to open a Wyoming bank account:

We have been on countless conference calls with our clients’ attorneys when the subject of a new Wyoming Operating Agreement or set of Wyoming Bylaws comes up. Many of our customers are sad to hear that a simple Wyoming Operating Agreement can cost $1,500 or more. As a result, we offer a free Wyoming Operating Agreement and a Wyoming Bylaw template that you are welcome to use free of charge. We want to help you save money and time.

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Information on filing for your new Wyoming LLC or Corporation: The Wyoming Secretary of State’s office DOES NOT offer any expedited service. The state legally has five (5) days to file or reject your new company documents once they receive them. There is NO WAY to get ahead of the line, even if you were standing there in person. We constantly hear people tell us that they spoke with another company who said that they could hurry the paper work through with the state. One reason they might have said this is that they are really located in another state and are answering the phones at a phone bank and they have never even been to Wyoming and they have no idea how things work here (maybe they need to read this article). If you need a company immediately, check out our shelf companies here.

Our Wyoming Operating Agreement and Wyoming Bylaws Templates are FREE! (just click on the names)

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No operating agreements are required by the state of Wyoming! You can choose to file your operating agreement with the state of Wyoming or not.

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