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If you live in another country, Wyoming can be a great place to base your business.

Basic Information:

Wyoming does not have any corporate, personal, or capital gains taxes, so many people can benefit by locating their business here. This is also a great place to be for asset protection, anonymity, and business-friendly laws. Residency is the biggest determinant of tax jurisdiction. If you do not live in the United States, basing your business in Wyoming can significantly reduce tax liability in many cases.

Other states can also impose a tax on corporations that have a nexus in their state. Determining exactly what constitutes a business “nexus” in another state is a very contentious issue. The US Constitution and Public Law 86-272 both provide many protections against state taxation and uniformity in state tax laws for all 50 states. The US Supreme Court ruled that the US Constitution (specifically the Commerce Clause) limits the ability of states to tax out-of-state businesses.

Quick Fact:

∙ Only Congress has the ability to regulate commerce among states.
∙ Public Law 86-272 does not protect out-of-state companies from paying other states sales tax, only other states income tax.

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