Start A New US Company As An International Person

We offer EINs, ITINs, and Company Formation

Start a New US Company Remotely for $852

Includes an EIN and ITIN INCLUDING your state filing fee ($102). The business will be registered in the business-friendly and state-tax free state of Wyoming.

Our package includes:

✓ Wyoming Company Formation
✓ State of Wyoming Filing Fee
✓ Employer Tax Identification Number (EIN)
✓ Personal Tax Identification Number (ITIN)

 You must have a valid passport or country issued identification
 A video skype interview must be conducted with Mountain Business Center LLC while we hold your original documentation or a certified copy of your passport in our hands
 The entire process will take 5-6 weeks, if you already have an ITIN, it will only take 2 weeks.

Additional Info:

 Mountain Business Center LLC wants to help hard-working entrepreneurs!

 If you are barred entry into the US, obviously we are not going to help you.

 We will not give tax or legal advice and we do not respond to emails asking for this info.

 We do not assist you in the day to day running of your business.

Please contact us at with any questions.


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International Persons – New USA (Wyoming)
Business Package with EIN/ ITIN

Start A New US Company

There are many advantages to forming your new company in Wyoming, USA:

• Wyoming does not have any corporate, personal, or capital gains taxes.
• Wyoming has low start up fees.
• Stockholders are not disclosed.
• Entities moving from another state can maintain their history.
• Easy access to courts means lawsuits are not drawn out.

Wyoming is commonly regarded as the easiest state in America to do business in, and one of the best places in the world to establish your company. Start a new US Company in Wyoming!

International Persons – Complete (USA) Wyoming Business Package for $852:

• File for your new Wyoming, USA company
• Act as your Wyoming Registered Agent (required)- this will cost $100 annually each year after the first year
• Issue your business a physical and mailing address in Jackson, Wyoming (this is NOT optional)
• Apply for your EIN (we will need your signature on the SS-4)
• Pay the Wyoming Secretary of State their $102 filing fee
• Forward your mail to you in your home country* -this will cost $400 per year each year after the first year
• You will need to physically mail us your originally signed W-7 application for an ITIN which we will prepare for you.

The total cost that you will need to pay to start a new US company in Wyoming with an EIN and ITIN is $850. 

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This entire process can take up to two months.

*Additional postage is not included, but we only charge you what the post office charges us.

We can certify your passport and help you apply for an ITIN. You will typically need an ITIN if you want a US bank account. You will need to email us a certified copy of your passport or your actual passport for us to view while we conduct the Skype interview.

Please complete and submit this Registered Agent contract to Mountain Business Center. In compliance with Wyoming statute, we are required to have a contract with our registered agent customers. Here is our Wyoming Registered Agent contract.

If you only want the new Wyoming Company and help with your EIN, this is only $750. Please click here for more info.

Here is some helpful information regarding opening a US bank account.
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How To Start A New US Company Remotely:

1. Register a Wyoming company.

2. We can also immediately apply for your EIN. To get an Employee Identification Number (EIN), we will complete an SS-4 and have you sign it. This will take roughly one to two weeks to be completed. Our fee for this service is $50.

3. Once we have your EIN, we will apply for your Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN). You will need to originally sign your W-7 with an ink pen that we will help you prepare. Our help is free for this step but we will need to talk face to face with you on video skype and hold your passport or a certified copy of your passport (please see the above info on this). We will also need an operating agreement (for an LLC) or a set of corporate bylaws (for a corporation) signed by you showing that you are an owner of the company. There is a free template for them here. This step can take a while, so if you are even considering that you’ll need an ITIN, I would go ahead and start this process. Here is the form to apply for your ITIN: W-7 and Instructions.


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          Please email or call us if you have any questions. We look forward to doing business with you! Our email address is, our Skype name is “Mountain Business Center” and our phone number is 1(307)739-3940. We are always available during different time zones, at night, and on the weekends!

          We know how busy you are and we are here to help. Rebecca frequently flies to visit clients and notarize  or certify documents in person. Please let me know what your particular needs are, and if you have any questions that we can help answer


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          The Tax Foundation’s 2013 State Business Tax Climate ranking: Wyoming: #1 for Overall Ranking

          And now for our disclaimer: The information and forms provided by Mountain Business Center do not constitute legal or tax advice. The information and forms provided on this website are provided “as is” and without any assurance that the information is correct, complete or current or that the forms are appropriate for your uses. The facts and circumstances of each business person or company may be unique and the clients and customers of Mountain Business Center are encouraged to seek legal or tax advice if they have questions of a legal or tax nature. Registered Agent Wyoming



          Start A New US Company!

Wyoming LLC or Corporation Registered Agent Contracts
These are the forms we are required to have on file to form your new Wyoming LLC.
Click here for more information about the owners of Mountain Business Center LLC
Click here for more information about the owners of Mountain Business Center LLC
Here is more information regarding Wyoming Registered Agents
Here is more information regarding Wyoming Registered Agents